Chocolate Mud Cake - by Bernie

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Chocolate Mud Cake - by Bernie Empty Chocolate Mud Cake - by Bernie

Post by Essie on Wed 12 Jan - 20:55

(if party is on Saturday, it's best to make the cake on Thurs)

350g dark chocolate pieces
225g butter
600ml water
3 eggs
400g caster sugar
400g self-raising flour

Preheat oven to 170. Line baking tin with baking paper (or grease really well - if you're cooking a big mould I would put a piece of baking paper neatly at the bottom so you can get it out of the mould easily)
Over low heat, melt butter, choc and water
Let it cool slightly
Beat eggs in large bowl, add chocolate mixture to eggs
Whisk sugar and flower into choc mix until smooth and well blended
Pour in tin and bake for +/- 90 min (the recipe said 45 min but all the comments stated that they had to bake for double the time, and so did I)
Let it cool a while in the tin before removing.

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