Cheesecake (easiest recipe in the whole wide world....) - by Sume

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Cheesecake (easiest recipe in the whole wide world....) - by Sume

Post by Essie on Fri 11 Jun - 11:35

I know I should post this in the recipe section, but for fear of you missing out, I will post it here. Maybe Venus can take it 'to the other side' later?

It's a cheesecake type thing...BUT it will take you 4 minutes! jip, 4 min

500ml joghurt (any flavour....i prefer natural, but anything goes)
can condensed milk
pack of eat-some-more biscuits

Crush biscuits and put in tart dish (no butter needed...)
mix the joghurt and condensed milk
pour mixture in tart dish
put in microwave (high) for 3 minutes....
then in fridge
ready to eat as soon as it has cooled down
hide from your husband otherwise it will disappear within minutes (optional)
really yummy!

(you can be creative by adding shaved pepperment crisp on top with choc chip joghurt....or berries....or grenadella....or or or)



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