Steak, frying in the kitchen - by Venus

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Steak, frying in the kitchen - by Venus

Post by Venus on Mon 27 Oct - 10:35

To fry meat:

1. The very best way to cook steaks is in a frying pan. The cut of meat used here is a sirloin or entrecôte steak. Allow 6-8 oz (175-225 g) per person. Trim off most of the fat, leaving just a little on.

2. Gently thump the steaks with your fist to flatten and tenderise them slightly.

3. Season the steaks on both sides with freshly milled black pepper but no salt yet, as this encourages the juices to come out.

4. It is important to have the pan as hot as you dare, so it has to be one with a thick, solid base to conduct the heat properly. Place the pan over direct heat turned to high and let the pan become very hot before you add just the smallest amount of oil or fat – about 1 teaspoon. Let this become shimmering hot.

5. Hold the steak in both hands and drop it directly down so that the whole of the surface hits the heat at the same moment. What this does is sear the meat, sealing the edges and encouraging the juices to stay inside.

6. Use a tablespoon to press gently on the surface of the steaks, so that as much as possible is kept in contact with the heat of the pan. Some juices will escape but these are kept in the pan to serve with the steak or incorporate into a sauce. For a steak 1 inch (2.5 cm) thick, allow 1½-2 minutes on each side for rare; 3 minutes on each side for medium; and about 4 minutes on each side for well done. For a fillet steak 1½ inches (4 cm) thick, give it 5 minutes on each side for medium; 1 minute less each side for rare; and 1 minute more for well done. Again, timings will vary because the thickness of meat differs, so you need to test with a skewer or the blade of a small knife, as you would for grilling.

7. Turn the steaks over at half-time – the cooked side will look crisp and crusty. If you are making a sauce to serve with your steak, cook until one minute before the end of the cooking time before adding the ingredients to make the sauce. Don't forget to season with salt before serving.

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