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Curry, Prawn - by Rouey Empty Curry, Prawn - by Rouey

Post by Venus on Sun 7 Feb - 21:05

Lol... its nothing fantastic and no measurements.. somehow thats how all indian women cook... we just pinch!!


Box of Prawns
10-12 Tomatoes
1 Large onion
4 Green Chillies
3-4 cloves garlic
Curry leaves
Salt to taste

A box of headless and de-veined prawns.... U can either leave the peels on or take them off... i love chewing on the peel so i leave them on...

Now u need tomatoes, the JAM tomatoes not the round salad ones... u know which ones im talking about? they oblong... i would say about ten-twelve medium tomatoes but also depends on how much of prawns u have...

Skin the tomatoes and either process them or grate or just finely chop them.

one large onion, about three-four cloves of garlic (u dont have to use fresh garlic... the ready to use one is fine) and about four ( i use more-depends on ur taste) green chillies...

saute the onions, sliced garlic (thinly sliced) and chillies (slit the chillies for extra sting) in a little oil until light brown... u can add the following, if u like .. a pinch of cumin and maybe one star anis(sp). If u have curry leaves, then add them while u frying the onions as it releases more flavour at this stage.

Once the onion is brown, add about one to two heaped teaspoons of masala... NOT chilli powder, MASALA!

Stir that for literally 10 seconds and then add ur prawns and stir well to mix all the ingredients and add salt at this stage... put in enough salt for the tomatoes u will add later as well. let this cook for about five minutes or if very watery (excess water from the prawns) then let it cook until water dries...

Now add ur tomatoes and cook until cooked... say twenty min?? but keep an eye on it and when u think its cooked, u can remove from heat... it souldnt be very watery but be a chutney/gravy-thickish!

Garmish with plenty of dhaniya(corriander) and serve with Basmati rice or roti if u prefer but im a rice person.. it shows on my body!!

Just holler if u need anything else or more info... sorry, im not very good at giving recipes and there isnt a specific recipe for my food... its off hand... :)

I wish i had prwans chutney now!!!

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