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Sausage Rolls - by 2TA Empty Sausage Rolls - by 2TA

Post by Essie on Thu 17 Sep - 19:53


1kg Mince
2 Pkt white onion soup
1lt Bulgarian Yoghurt
3 x Puff Pastry
2 x beaten eggs


Mix mince, soup powder & yoghurt together. Roll out pastry, fill with mixture, roll in pastry, fold, brush with egg and cut into sausage roll sizes. Bake at 180ÂșC until golden brown. Can be frozen before cooked.

Note by 2TA:
I used 400g of mince, 1 packet of soup, 330ml of plain yoghurt and one packet of pastry (and one egg to brush on top). It made about 4 large sausage rolls and about 4 smaller ones. (I did have a little bit of the mince mixture left over so I just added more mince, some grated carrot, some tomato paste, chopped onion, fresh bread crumbs, the left over egg and some fresh parsley and made mini meatballs for Jess - just baked them in the oven)

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