Chocolate Ecclairs - by Essie

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Chocolate Ecclairs - by Essie Empty Chocolate Ecclairs - by Essie

Post by Essie on Sun 12 Jul - 16:49


150 ml Cold Water
1 tsp Castor Sugar
50 g butter/margarine
60 g flour
2 eggs

125ml whipped cream
50g dark chocolate


Warm oven to 220 degrees C.
Pour water, sugar and butter/margarine in a pot. Heat until it boils and the butter is melted.
Take off the heat and add the flour. Beat to a smooth paste.
Beat eggs and add them little by little, while beating.
Using a t-spoon, pour the mixture into long thin strips on a greased oven pan. I make my strips about 10cm by 1cm by 1cm long, wide and thick. It can be longer and thicker, or smaller as preferred.
Bake for 25 minutes.

Melt half a small slab of dark chocolate when the ecclairs are baked. Spread the top of each ecclair with melted chocolate with a flat knife. Let cool down.
Cut the ecclairs in half and add a t-spoon of whipped cream inside. (My children love it without the cream!)

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