Chicken Wings (honey basted, 15min in the microwave) - by Essie

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Chicken Wings (honey basted, 15min in the microwave) - by Essie

Post by Essie on Tue 17 Feb - 8:34

12 Chicken wings
15 ml Soy
15 ml Lemon
3 ml Ginger
30 ml Honey
30 ml Tomato Sauce

Mix the soy, lemon and ginger in a microwavable dish
Add the wings and toss to cover
Combine the honey and tomato sauce and brush the wings with half of it
Cover the dish with plastic wrap and pric a few holes
Put it 5 minutes on high in the microwave
Discard the plastic wrap
Turn the chicken and brush the rest of the honey mixture on
Put uncovered for 10 minutes on high in microwave

I found this recipy in a magazine, and it's really easy, quick and very tasty. But, I decided to cook the wings while covered with the wrap for 10 minutes and not just 5. I'm always a bit scared when it comes to undercooked chicken. And it came out delicious. I served it with fries and a salad.


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