Chocolate Mousse (with Mashmallows) - by Essie

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Chocolate Mousse (with Mashmallows) - by Essie Empty Chocolate Mousse (with Mashmallows) - by Essie

Post by Essie on Fri 16 Jan - 14:56


1 Can (380g) of Evaporated Milk
200 g Dark Chocolate
60 ml Castor Sugar
30 white Mashmallows (I use the pink as well...)
290 g (1 can) Dessert Cream
5 ml gelatine
20 ml water (for the gelatine)


- Place the evaporated milk in the fridge overnight.
- Melt the dark chocolate and mashmallows with the castor sugar in 90 ml of the evaporated milk.
- Beat cream with electric mixer for 5 minutes. (It won't be firm)
- Add the chocolate mixture while beating.
- Mix gelatine with water and steam until clear. Add to chocolate mixture and mix well.
- Beat the rest of the evaporated milk until firm and add to chocolate mixture. Beat until well mixed.
- Put in fridge until nearly thick.
- Mix well and pour into seperate cups or glasses if preferred.
- Place in fridge until set.

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