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Post by Guest on Tue 25 Nov - 16:18

how do i know my baby is dehydrated and how do i rehydrate him without giving him Ryhydrat - i dont even drink it how can i expect him to drink it -?

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Post by Essie on Wed 26 Nov - 10:06

I do the skin pinching test. You take a small piece of his stomach skin (or the back of his hand) and pinch it very softly. If it stays in the air or takes a while to drop back into shape or have lots of creases, then he's probably dehydrated. If it falls back into shape without creases easily, then he's hydrated. Try this out for a few days so you can get to know his skin and what's normal.

Also, the fontanelle. Get to know its "feel". And if it's sunken more than usual, then he may be dehydrated (bulging could be a sign of meningitis). Dehydration also causes the eyes to sink in and they appear dry. Not blinking and moist. The mouth may also be dry and sticky and greyish.

My kids don't drink Rehydrate. Even if I mix it with milk, cooldrink, coke, energade, tea, juice, etc. I use energade to rehydrate my kids, and bits of coke. When my daughter was on the brink of being admitted to hospital for dehydration, the pead said she should drink 500ml of energade, then we don't have to bring her in. But she was 3 years already. We only got about 200ml in her, but it helped enough, so she wasn't admitted.

As far as I know, breastmilk is also good to rehydrate babies.

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