Béarnaise a la Rodolphe - by Charrup's DH

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Béarnaise a la Rodolphe - by Charrup's DH Empty Béarnaise a la Rodolphe - by Charrup's DH

Post by Venus on Wed 19 Nov - 17:18

Place pot with some water on the stove at low heat – not to boil just make hot

Put glass bowl to create the bain-marie

About a Tsp finely chopped shallots

About a tsp white wine vinegar

Salt and pepper

Start with about a tsp size block of butter

Wait for it to melt

Put about a Tsp dried tarragon

Mix it up

Add about another tsp/Tsp butter let it melt

Add one egg yolk

Mix it up

More butter and whisk and melt

At this stage you have to stir constantly otherwise the scrambled egg

By using a whisk to mix you are creating an emulsion –

Add more butter until you get the right consistency of a sauce – it’s quite a bit!!!

Becareful of the heat from underneath

Same with tarragon… taste and add more if necessary (Rod added about another Tsp)

Also sauce will thicken on standing so don’t make too thick.

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